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My name is Louis Smith, I grew up on a trading station in the rural Traanskei of South Africa. At the age of 26, I applied for a life policy but was rejected and was diagnosed with Leukemia. After doctors tried all options for five years, I was sent home and given only a few months to live. With death knocking at my door, out of desperation I listened to a friend who cared enough to give me supplements and educate me about the impact that whole food, clean non-GMO nutrition can have on our lives. So at 26 I was refused a life policy, but now I am healthier than I’ve ever been, thanks to the understanding of whole food nutrition and the support of NeoLife Nutritional Supplements.

My life’s passion is to spread my story, and help others create their own. God has blessed me with the knowledge that whole food nutrition can mean the difference between life and death, and I’m here to share that wealth.

I am now a Nutritional Consultant who has spoken in over 25 countries on whole food nutrition with audiences up to 11,000 people. I’m extremely passionate to teach about healthy eating habits, as well as leadership and making a positive difference.

My passion remains mentoring an organization to march across this nation empowering one household at a time to make wiser food choices. My hope and prayer is that each person may make the decision to live healthier and more vibrant lives.

Louis Grant Smith
Certified Nutritional Consultant
Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant
Certified Sports Nutritionist
Certified John Maxwell Coach
Co-author of the book, Winning the Cancer Battle
Loving husband, father and grandfather


Louis Smith teaching health and wellness from his kitchen.

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Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to act.

Proverbs 3:27